We are committed to providing customers with outstanding, reliable machinery. Furthermore, it is supported by exceptional, continuous service and the best warranty found in the industry. Also, TES will continue supporting all of Tradimex’s machines.TES is the exclusive distributor in North and South America of TES Capsule Fillers, Mixers, Capsule Polishers, and other related equipment. All manufacturing factories have ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certification, guaranteeing the machines meet the highest standards of quality.

Electricians Singapore provides a wide range of Electrical Services. We are a trusted partner for Electrical Residential and Commercial Projects.

. Professional & Experienced EMA Licensed Electricians
. 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services
. Affordable Rates
. 25+ Years Experience
. Aircon Services, Cleaning & Maintenance

As one of Singapore's Top Electrician facilities, our team provides all Electrical job according to Singapore's laws, so you can easily entrust your job to us. We ensure that all work is delivered on Time and as a Promise. Make an Appointment with us Now!

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Explore the whole new range of rubber bumpers in India by AB Pneumatics at Aarnesh Air Product, the leading supplier of anti vibration rubber mounts in India known for its high durability, heat resistance, shock absorbent and preciseness.
Explore the exciting new range of vibration isolation springs by AB Pneumatics at Aarnesh Air Product.
Aarnesh Air Products is the leading supplier of the Continental Air Spring Suspension systems in India and offers a wide range of industrial air springs, bellow cylinders and pneumatic actuators.

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